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Top Tips for Reducing Stress and Living Life

Stress is one of the biggest factors contributing to pain, unhappiness, and poor health. The levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in our blood rise when we are faced with a potentially threatening situation or a negative evaluation about our ability to meet expectations. The danger is that chronic stress contributes to chronic pain. It also interferes with our ability to consider alternatives and make good choices. So if stress is so bad, how can we escape the cycle? First of all, we must realize that not all forms of stress are harmful. Some stress will inspire us and help us concentrate on our objectives. However, too much stress, or stress that is held over an extended period of time, can trigger our “fight or flight” response, which, if unchecked, can impair our ability to work in one or more areas of our lives. As some stress can be good and even motivating, the aim is not to eliminate all tension. Rather, the goal is to learn how to deal with stress effectively. This entails